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Luxe Sculpt

New Zealand's body contouring
and transformation specialists

We can't wait  to welcome you at Luxe Sculpt

Specialising in Body Sculpting, Luxe Sculpt uses the latest and most advanced technology Thermal Contrast Lipolysis for removal of stubborn fat anywhere from your chin to your knees.



Luxe Sculpt works using an innovative, new technology called Thermal Contrast Lipolysis. Fat cells are packed with saturated fatty acids, which are vulnerable to temperature changes. The fat cells are subjected to a triple sequence of heating-cooling-heating exposure during the treatment.


Thermal shock causes disruption to the cells, leading to crystallisation, and eventual fat cell death. Some of these targeted cells will be disabled almost immediately, with permanent metabolism of the damaged and dead fat cells occurring over the following 12 weeks. 

Being the first in New Zealand with this advanced technology, approximately 10% more fat cells are destroyed in a Lipo Contrast treatment compared to a typical Cryolipolysis,  or fat freezing procedures.

Using advanced Thermal Shock technology for clinically proven, unbeatable results. The treated area is targeted by a thermal shock of heating - cooling - heating for a significant reduction fat cells. 

A noninvasive body contouring treatment that helps to achieve definition that's not possible with other body contouring treatments by burning fat and building muscle for defined abs and lifted buttocks.

Microneedling with Radiofrequency is a top nonsurgical treatment to soften, fade and reduce stretch marks and scars.  RF Microneedling results in a smoother, more even appearance to the surface of the skin.

Specialised treatments that activate your Lymphatic System to help reduce digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, fluid retention plus boost immunity, improve blood circulation, detoxify the body and so much more!

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